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Same Great School But With A New Name

Greetings Parents,

ABCs and 123s Learning Centers has been leading in the early childhood education (ECE) space since 1986. The company is now changing its name in the fall of this year to:

Let’s go back to the beginning to understand how we got here and where we are going.

In 1986, Nazli Khan opened an in-home child care service business out of a need to provide better care for her children than what was offered from other service providers. In 2013 her son, Omar joined the company. Omar has extensive experience in turn around management and small to midsize business consulting. The mother / son team brought on Dana Query, a top talented early childhood education professional to help with operations.

Together the three worked to rebuild and rebrand the entire company. Six months later the company became the fastest growing ECE company in its respective markets. The company went from 25 employees with 90 kids to today over 110 employees teaching over 600 children. Now the company is excited to grow even further opening more schools in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

So why The Weston School Name?

We have done a tremendous job becoming one of the best ECE companies in Indiana and now we need our name to be a true reflection of the service level we provide every day. The rebirth of the company started at the Avon school which is located at 8111 Weston Ave.

Are you being acquired by another company?

No we are not, we are upgrading ourselves in preparation for the next evolution of the company.

Is anything going to change?

Yes, we have new education programs we will introduce next year to enhance our curriculum, but we are the same company which means you will continue receiving the same utmost care and service, and the same dedication to excellence you’ve come to rely on now from The Weston School.

We thank you for your continued trust in us to be the best ECE provider for you and your family are excited to take you on our journey to become the best early childhood education company.


Leadership Team