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Getting Started                                                       

Starting her career in the banking industry, Nazli Kahn quickly found a need for a quality childcare provider in the Indianapolis area when she had her first child. The lack of safety precautions, education, and health consciousness that she found in other childcare providers in the area lead to the start of her own at home child care service in 1986.



Three years later, in 1989, a building was leased to elevate her business from a home daycare to a licensed childcare company. The ABC’s and 123’s Learning Center was now on its way to becoming one of the best childcare facilities in Indiana! Keeping its values intact and continuing to nurture and educate children, the demand for a quality experience grew. In response, another location was opened in Avon, Indiana to serve more families in 1996. As the communities grew in both Indianapolis and Avon, a new location was opened in 1999 on the North West side of Indianapolis and the Avon location added an additional building to their facility in 2006.

Our rapid growth has continued and we’re currently set to open a third location to serve the Noblesville and Westfield communities by the beginning of 2017.


Continued Development

Now with over 28 years of childcare experience, we are continuing to develop new ways to provide the nurturing, educational, and safe atmosphere that is the base of our success and growth. Through excellent curriculum, safety technology, and highly trained staff members, we set the bar high for preschool and childcare providers state-wide.